Not your average VO.

The voice of authority, persuasion, and experience; of compassion, wisdom, and expertise; and of technology, artistry, and the weekend.

VO Kristo – Commercial Voice-overs
VO Kristo – Narrative Voice-overs


Youthful enthusiasm + mature authority.

Voice Actor Kristo Sween marries his knowledge of business, science, and technology with just the right amount of character, charisma, and gravitas.

Friendly, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Kristo makes the complex understandable and eats technical, scientific, and medical terms for breakfast. An experienced public speaker and technical trainer, Kristo knows how to hold and inspire an audience and help them learn and grow.

Versatile character voices.

Trained as a stage actor, Kristo continues to tread the boards and act on-camera. A former digital media producer, Kristo is an experienced editor working in ProTools and Final Cut Pro.

How can I help you?

VO Kristo – Scientific Voice-over
VO Kristo – Explainer Video Voice-over
VO Kristo – Audiobook Narration
VO Kristo – Narrative Voice-over

Work examples:

Surgical Device | Character VO & On-Camera | Explainer Video

Clients are saying:

Kristo’s voice is very versatile and has fit a number of my projects…everything from corporate video narration to a recent animated cartoon where he portrayed three different characters.

–Laurie Etchen, Director of Creative Services – Brandpoint

Kristo immediately “got” the character we had envisioned and infused our narrator’s voice with charm, clarity, and professionalism. He took direction well and quickly delivered the clips we needed. Kristo was a key player in our grand-prize-winning project. 

–Shelter Architecture and Gaardhouse

Voiceover Services

Explainer videos; medical voiceover; IVR; commercial vo; dramatic podcast; animation; narration; radio commercials; online advertising; video game vo; VR voiceover; streaming service ads.