Welcome to VO Kristo

I’m posting this as I’m about to launch my voice actor website VOKristo.com. Although I’ve been doing voice work since college, I’ve never set out to pursue it. The work I’ve done has come to me through contacts and while I was co-founder of a digital media production company and creative agency called Horsepower Creative Communications.

With those days long behind me, I’m pointing my marketing and business development skills at the VO Kristo brand and service.

I’m grateful to many friends as well as my wife and kids who have listened to my auditions and especially to my wife who has been a long-time supporter and constructive critic of my voice-over work. I find her counsel invaluable.

Many friends had a hand in launching this site and this endeavor. Thanks to Billie Jo Konze, Scott Briggs, Leslie Crane, Tom Hickson, Gretchen Twiss, Bob Eichinger, Todd Mikkelson, and Dean Harrington.

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